Climate and environment protection

The company Gerz Matratzen recommands the goals of germany and europe to lower the Co² emission. In addition to that we want to reduce waste and lower the uptake rate of gas for the heating.
In the year 2017 the company was analyzed how to improve climate and environment protection. The found improvements were all implemented up to the year 2020. The company also looks for new technology options and looks for their possible implementation in the company.

Reducation of power:
The storage- and production hall was built in the year 1996/1997 with an all around glazing in the upper section. So sunlight can shine in the hall and light up the hall. That is why electric lights are only used in the early hours and in the darker days of the year.

In the office section and the exhibition room the neon lamps were replaced by long living and energy saving LED in the year 2017. This lowered the energy uptake rate.

Bills are send with the products or with the E-Postmailer. The E-Postmailer is since 1.7.2022 100% climate neutral. More informations on E-Postmailer: Go Green der Deutschen Post.

Electric equipment and machines are only used during work time and only when they are needed. At night all machines and computers are out (not on stand by) excluding the server.

Reduction of gas:
In the year 2019 the complete heating was replaced. The new heating shows a significant reduction of the gas uptake rate.

The production trys to avoid production waste and offcuts.
Foam-offcuts can be partially used for:
– Underlaying for horse training
– Art projects
If you have a need on foam-cutoffs contact us:

The production seperats waste to open the possibilty to recycle the waste.

All workers of our company are supposed to:
reduce waste
lower energy usage